A Rose Dance
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A Rose Dance

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Inspired by Louis Vuitton Dancing Blossom

Louis Vuitton has proven themselves to excel in various categories and departments. This includes both leatherware and fragrances! They continue to amaze and impress consumers with their innovative and unique fragrances, and another one that has caught our attention is Dancing Blossom. This floral perfume marketed for women and men features an exhilarating combination of May rose, tuberose, osmanthus, and jasmine. The natural quality of all of these floral ingredients makes it a truly special fragrance, and the kaleidoscopic variety of aromas that this fragrance yields creates the most redolent floral bouquet. The May rose is gentle and mesmerizing while the tuberose is animated and exotic. Osmanthus supplies us with its peach tones and the jasmine is so natural that it’s almost narcotic! A Rose Dance is our inspired expression of Dancing Blossom, and the tango the ingredients perform will be engrained in your olfactive memory. A Rose Dance is truly a rose perfume to behold, and the rose lover in you will discover your new signature scent with A Rose Dance!


NOTES: May Rose, Tuberose, Osmanthus, and Jasmine Sambac.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum