Amberlicious Coffee
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Amberlicious Coffee

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Inspired by Hermes Ambre Narguille (with added gourmand notes).

Ambre Narguille draws its inspiration from the scents emanating from a hookah lounge. This is an aroma we know all too well! However, when we are spending time at such a lounge, we wish to indulge in multiple pleasures of life. This includes coffee and decadent deserts with flavors of honey, vanilla, caramel, and sesame. Ambre Narguille possesses many gourmand ingredients on its own, but with Amberlicious Coffee, we decided to add several gourmand notes of our own to really amp up the blend! Amberlicious Coffee contains added notes of coffee, milk, Colombian coffee beans tincture, and vanilla smoke. These ingredients add an accord to the perfume that smells like a freshly brewed, vanilla-flavored coffee with a milky sweetness! When combined with the honey and sesame from the original, the smell is to die for! Touches of smoke swirl around the fragrance while the syrupy goodness from caramel keeps us grounded. Spicy rum is incredibly flavorful, and it contributes to the classification of this addictive amber spicy perfume. An amber accord in the base conjures up images of the east while allowing us to vicariously enjoy the splendors of the faraway land! Amberlicious Coffee is a delicious coffee fragrance for occasions when you really want to express your most luxurious and opulent self!


NOTES: Honey, Black Steamed Coffee, Milk, Colombian Coffee Beans Tincture, Vanilla Smoke, Benzoin, Labdanum, Musk, Vanilla, Sesame Seed, Caramel, Rum, Cinnamon, White Orchid, Tonka Bean, and Amber Accord.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum