An Olfactory Tale
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An Olfactory Tale

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Inspired by Tom Ford Rose de Chine

When the ancient tale is told, we pay homage to our ancestors and the history with which the tale is rife. The leather-bound book that contains this age-old tale has been opened and closed many a time, and the telling of it has become a veritably revered tradition. An Olfactory Tale is our inspired expression of Rose de Chine by Tom Ford, and while the composition of the perfume may be simple for the fact that it contains just a few notes, the history of the notes is dense and worth learning about. The Chinese peony is a flower that can take as many as three years to grow, and distilling its essence is another complex process that requires very sophisticated technology. The result is a breathtaking aroma that is guaranteed to enchant you, especially with this fragrance’s unique pairing of both the peony and the rose. Ancient resins keep the antiquity running in high gear as the conclusion of the fragrance becomes warm and resonant. An Olfactory Tale is a rose and peony lover’s dream, and the longevity of our iteration is sure to impress you for as many hours as are in a day!


NOTES: Chinese Peony, Rose, Myrrh, and Labdanum.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum