Aphrodisiac Drowned in Vanilla
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Aphrodisiac Drowned in Vanilla

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Inspired by a hybrid of Nishane Ani and Initio Parfums Psychedelic Love.

The Dua Brand specializes in hybrids, and we don’t often consider a combination unless it satisfies certain criteria. These criteria include the sharing of common ingredients, a pleasing outcome, a similarity among genres, and more. Initio Parfums’ Psychedelic Love and Nishane Ani both contain rose, sandalwood, bergamot, and hedione. All of our lab analyses confirm as much, and we decided that these would work absolutely perfectly together; boy were we right! Ginger and bergamot open up the composition in the freshest way before the most decadent vanilla you can imagine sweeps in for the kill! Incense and sandalwood keeps things interesting in the base while two varieties of natural rose add the most exotic touch to this gourmand perfume. Aphrodisiac Drowned in Vanilla is inspired by a hybrid of our versions of Nishane’s Ani and Initio Parfums’ Psychedelic Love, and this is unquestionably a match made in perfume heaven! The success of this hybrid will be perceived immediately, and this is sure to become your new favorite if you’re a fan of sweeter perfumes. Whether you’re trying to impress your significant other on a romantic evening out or you simply wish to smell delicious, Aphrodisiac Drowned in Vanilla is the choice for you!


NOTES: Ginger, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Green Notes, Cardamom, Black Currant, Turkish Rose, Bulgarian Rose, Myrrh, Ylang-Ylang, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Cedar Wood, Patchouli, Heliotrope, Hedione, Ambergris, and Musk.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum