Bad Guys
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Bad Guys

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A Dua Fragrances Original Blend!

Legendary wrestler Scott Hall is one of the best to ever set foot in the ring. From his personality to his finisher, his contributions to the sport will go down in history. As a founding member of the nWo, he has set a precedent that is hard to top. Our olfactory dedication to this late superstar is called Bad Guys, and it contains a hearty combination of exotic fruits. This blend includes guayaba, ripe mango, papaya, and Varadero coconut. The cocaina accord in the heart is richly spiced, and it adds a unique smell to the fragrance. Experimenting with some lesser-used ingredients in the industry has allowed us to produce a fragrance that is unquestionably unique and ultimately mesmerizing! The base is grounded with Cuban beach driftwood and ISO-E-Super for a charismatic and energizing finish that matches the charisma and energy of the legendary wrestler. While the legend himself has departed, his legacy will carry on forever. Say good night to the bad guy.


NOTES: Fresh Orange, Guayaba, Ripe Mango, Juicy Papaya, Red Fruits, Varadero Coconut, Cocaina Accord, Club Rum, White Mariposa Ginger, Havana Mauduro Tobacco, Ambergris, Aquatic Accord, ISO-e-Super, Cedar Wood, & Cuban Beach Drift Wood.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum