Cake & Pastries
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Cake & Pastries

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Dua Fragrances Original Blend!

When entering a bakery, you are inundated by the decadent aroma of warm pastries and freshly baked foods. The warmth of chocolate and vanilla flows through the air, and your nasal passages open right up! Few places make you so addicted to the smell that you simply don’t want to leave the establishment, and a bakery is one of those places. Cake & Pastries is an original creation that has taken some beautifully synthesized gourmand ingredients and brought them together to form an aroma that is altogether nostalgic and delicious! Chocolate and vanilla are joined by cherry and a creamy tonka bean base. Milky notes bring out the sensation of a freshly baked cake while white musk adds a layer of smoothness to complement the vanilla and tonka beans! Cake & Pastries is a delicious aroma that will make you wonder why a fragrance like this has never been released before! The addictive smell will bring you in immediately, and touches of jasmine and heliotrope will keep your olfaction engaged for the whole day! If you are a dessert or baked-goods lover, you need to make Cake & Pastries your signature scent!


NOTES: Cherry, Chocolate, Milky Notes, Jasmine, Iris, Heliotrope, Tonka Beans, Vanilla, & White Musk

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum