Darkside of Leather
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Darkside of Leather

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Inspired by Louis Vuitton Nuit de Feu.

Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand that was sure to spare no expense with their introduction to the fragrance industry. With many beloved fragrances from their collection already released on the market, one that also receives a lot of love is Nuit de Feu. With a name that translates to “Night of Fire,” Nuit de Feu is a dark and mysterious fragrance containing elements of leather, frankincense, oud wood, and exotic musk. The leather is spicy and smoky with touches of oud that darken up the composition for a luxurious and intriguing cold-weather fragrance that is sure to set your senses ablaze! This fiery composition will give you incredible longevity, and we are proud to have our own inspiration of this fragrance, which we have called Darkside of Leather. This leather is sure to convey all of the exotic appeal you could possibly seek in a fragrance, and it is guaranteed to be mutually enjoyed by both men and women. The musk adds the perfect animalic underscore to add smoothness and class. We are sure you will love Darkside of Leather. Embrace the dark side today


NOTES: Olibanum, Incense, Leather, Agarwood, and Musk.

GENDER: Unisex