Door to the Bay
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Door to the Bay

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Inspired by Dyptique Oyedo

While Dyptique is a niche perfume house that was established in 1961 in France, the brand continues to release fragrances even today. This is something that makes them one of the most proactive and respectable brands in the industry. In today’s latest olfactory endeavor, we visit a release from 2000. This citrus aromatic perfume is called Oyedo, and it is one of the most diversified citrus fragrances we have tried. This citrus portfolio consists of a tart yuzu ingredient along with mandarin orange and the effervescence of lemon and lime. The magical quality of the fragrance comes with the thyme note that is found in the heart, and it increases the natural appeal of the composition. A woodsy base ties in all of the natural ingredients together, and this special composition is now complete. Door to the Bay is our inspired expression of Dyptique Oyedo, and while the original is inspired by an ancient imperial city in Japan, our version is accessible to the entire world. A 3.3oz bottle of Oyedo sells for $150, but our inspiration is much more affordable. The yuzu lover in all of us will truly appreciate the natural and unforgettable quality of Door to the Bay!


NOTES: Mandarin Orange, Yuzu, Lemon, Lime, Thyme, and Woodsy Notes.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum