Error 404 Attar
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Error 404 Attar

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Inspired by… if you know, you know!

When we released Error 404, many of our supporters were able to enjoy an inexpensive alternative of an original fragrance without having to worry about price, longevity, or accuracy. Our one-to-one match of this fragrance gave consumers 10+ hours of longevity, and the vintage formulation is almost impossible to find. Even when it’s found, its price ranges in the hundreds. For this reason, we always aim to recreate the vintage formulation of a given fragrance. For this inspired expression, we have the “attar” version of our Error 404 inspiration, and in this blend, you will experience a magnetic combination of lavender, iris, and cardamom. The spicy ingredients will strengthen the flavorful touches of the lavender to create a Male-driven fragrance with Parfum strength that connoisseurs of scent will love! Vanilla in the base matches the sweet conclusion of our original Error 404, and this fragrance is a perfect complement to any wardrobe. Error 404 Attar is the next chapter in the series of inspired expressions that convey the energy of a nautical adventurer. If you know, you know!

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NOTES: Cardamom, Lavender, Iris, and Vanilla.

GENDER: Masculine

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum