Floral Beginnings
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Floral Beginnings

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Inspired by Gucci The Virgin Violet.

Gucci is known for their fashion apparel, their iconic style, and their luxurious appeal. With their exclusive line of fragrances, the olfactory library has increased considerably, and the options have expanded for consumers wishing to find their next signature scent. If you are a fan of floral fragrances, a must-try is The Virgin Violet. This natural violet perfume will immediately pique your interests, and the natural iris of the perfume is the perfect accent to accentuate the floral beauty of the perfume. Musk and vanilla in the base create a sensual combination that is unassuming and gentle. Our inspired expression of The Virgin Violet is called Floral Beginnings, and we hope that the name will convey what this beautiful fragrance is all about. This unisex perfume will instantly connect you with nature, and it will enchant you with its earthy demeanor. While the original is very expensive, Floral Beginnings is a mere fraction of the price, and we are sure that you will enjoy the frugal investment so that you can bring your olfactory game to the next level! If you’re a lover of violet perfumes, owning Floral Beginnings is a must have!


NOTES: Violet, Iris, Musk, and Vanilla.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum