Illusive Thorn
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Illusive Thorn

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Inspired by Cartier Oud & Oud

Agarwood is a precious ingredient that has many personalities and shades of olfaction. There are animalic varieties, and there are balsamic types that smell rich and resinous. Cartier is a brand that has dabbled in perfumery for many years, and their high-end line of compositions explores a variety of the industry’s most sought-after notes. There is one fragrance called Oud & Oud, and it contains a blend of the best oud ingredients available to perfumers. The richness of the ingredient is transparent through the complex aroma and the resinous nature of the raw material. Our inspired expression is called Illusive Thorn, and the sharpness of the ingredient is so evident, it evokes the prick of a thorn. The natural tendencies are also obvious, as you get lost in the intricate aroma that is altogether balsamic, warm, ambery, woodsy, spicy, and slightly animalic. This complex ingredient is multi-faceted enough that it can stand on its own, and it certainly does in this masterpiece. Our inspired expression is sure to convey the same richness and natural quality as the original since we made sure to use the same oud ingredients that the reverse engineering procedure revealed to us. If you are an oud lover, let this become your holy grail!


NOTES: Agarwood Blend

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum