Imperial Scottish Lavender
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Imperial Scottish Lavender

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Inspired by Creed Royal Scottish Lavender (2008)

In 1856, Creed released an exceptional aromatic fougere fragrance called Royal Scottish Lavender. To say that this is one of the best lavender fragrances we have ever tried would be an understatement. The natural and robust quality of the lavender is exceptional, and the quality inherent within will become immediately apparent for all who have the pleasure of trying it. Unfortunately, the scent is now discontinued, and we managed to get our hands on an authentic bottle from 2008. After reverse-engineering it, we truly realized the precious nature of some of these raw materials, but we did not skimp when it came to quality. Imperial Scottish Lavender is our take on this classic Creed fragrance, and this is sure to be the best-in-class offering for many when it comes to aromatic fougere fragrances! The interplay between bergamot and citrus notes creates a fulfilling introduction before the spicy lavender comes in to put us in a state of awe! Imperial Scottish Lavender is proof, like many other Creed fragrances are, that the brand is among the best to ever make fragrances. Imperial Scottish Lavender could be yours this season while supplies last!

CLASSIFICATION: Aromatic Fougere

NOTES: Bergamot, Citrus, Lavender, Sandalwood, Spices, and Vanilla.

GENDER: Masculine

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum