Indochina Forest
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Indochina Forest

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Inspired by Dyptique Tam Dao.

While Dyptique is a niche perfume house that was established in 1961 in France, the brand continues to release fragrances even today. This is something that makes them one of the most proactive and respectable brands in the industry. In today’s latest olfactory endeavor, we visit a release from 2003. This fragrance is Tam Dao, and it is a complex perfume that smells green, aromatic, spicy, and resinous all at once. Our inspired expression of this fragrance is called Indochina Forest, and you will be transported to this subtropical eco-region once you smell the cypress and cedar wood combination. The earthy presence is enhanced by spicy notes and an amber accord in the base. Indochina Forest is a fragrance meant for exploration. There is so much to discover in this complex perfume, and the diverse range of ingredients will keep the spirit of discovery alive for many hours. Indochina Forest is the fragrance for those special occasions when you wish to convey your most assertive and professional self!


NOTES: Italian Cypress, Myrtle, Rose, Sandalwood, Cedar Wood, Brazilian Rosewood, Spices, Amber, and White Musk.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum