Italiano Widow
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Italiano Widow

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Concept Series: Inspired by a hybrid of Xerjoff Casamorati Italica & Kilian Paris Black Phantom.

Italica is revered as a holy grail gourmand perfume. With its notes of butter toffee, vanilla, and almond, the sensation created by this perfume is irresistible. Like being in a bakery surrounded by the most delicious baked goods, Italica will leave you craving something sweet! Another sweet perfume to give Italica a run for its money is Black Phantom by Kilian Paris. This combination of dark chocolate and rum is both delicious and intoxicating. The darkness of Black Phantom combines with the sweetness and lactonic qualities of Italica for the ultimate hybrid! Italiano Widow is inspired by a hybrid of our versions of Xerjoff Casamorati Italica and Kilian Paris Black Phantom, and you will experience the best of both worlds with this new fusion of the masterpieces! Coffee and caramel enrich the blend with their dark and sweet tendencies. Dark notes of vetiver and cedar create the long-lasting appeal of the hybrid so that it can be enjoyed for the entire day! As the cold weather creeps in, Italiano Widow is the bite you need to keep you smelling addictive the whole day!


NOTES: Dark Rum, Lactonic Notes, Vanilla, Saffron, Butter Toffee, Cedar Wood, Sugar Cane, Dark Chocolate, Coffee, Caramel, Almond, Javanese Vetiver, Heliotrope, White Musk, and Sandalwood.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum