M’Lady’s Desire II
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M’Lady’s Desire II

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Inspired by a hybrid of Dua Fragrances M'Lady and our version of Xerjoff Cruz Del Sur II

The anatomy of the perfect lady requires a thorough and delicate dissection: radiant youth in mind and spirit is conveyed through sincere laughs and warm gestures. Compassion and care are among the most admired attributes while they can never overshadow her class, confidence, and education. She is the object of everyone’s desire, and simply being in her presence is enough to inspire awe and gratitude. M’Lady is the olfactory representation of such an earthly goddess, and we leave up to smells to describe what words cannot. With the success of M'Lady, we have decided to combine it with our version of Cruz Del Sur II so that the fruity brightness of pear and orange blossom is made richer with the authentic mango ingredient that is portrayed in this beautiful fruity composition. While these two fragrances certainly have a lot of ingredients in common, they enhance one another moreso through their disparate personalities. The lush and exotic floral bouquets of both fragrances come together to form a floral heart unlike any you have smelled before. The juicy pear combines with the ripe mango flesh for a saccharine opening that will leave you craving sweets all day long. A base of musk and vanilla from Madagascar creates the long lasting appeal that will encourage those around you to follow your scent trail so that they may have a more intimate whiff at your splendid aura. M'Lady's Desire II is a remarkable composition that is sure to age beautifully. This fragrance can be yours while supplies last!


NOTES: Pear, Neroli, Orange Blossom, Lush Floral Bouquet, Ylang-Ylang, Turkish Rose, Cacao, Tonka Beans, Ripe Mango Flesh, Pineapple, Apple Blossom, Tropical Guava, Violet Leaf, Black Currant, Vetiver, Dried Fruits, Cedar Wood, Toffee, Madagascar Vanilla, and Musk.

GENDER: Feminine

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum