Mango Mojito
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Mango Mojito

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A Dua Fragrances Original Blend!

The refreshment of a mojito is the perfect complement to a hot summer day. The sparkling lime that meets your lips before the sweet after taste is the reminder that we are in the season of enjoyment and relaxation. Proponents of this alcoholic drink are quick to experiment with a variety of flavors, but there is one exotic fruit that is enhanced beautifully by the sweetness of sugarcane. This ingredient is mango, and for this latest original creation, we have combined it with a fizzy “club soda” accord, white rum, mint, and sugarcane syrup to create Mango Mojito! While we have been excited to release this one for a long time, we knew that waiting for the summer’s start would be the appropriate thing to do. The piquancy of white rum will cast a film of delight over your senses as you sink deeper into the natural saccharine goodness of the mango. For twist this summer, Mango Mojito is the drink to break free from the monotony. This casual scent is great for summer days and summer nights. Mango Mojito is the drink we will be serving this season, so bottoms up!


NOTES: Juicy Mango, Mango Syrup, Sugarcane Syrup, Mint, Lime Juice, Club Soda, White Rum, & White Musk

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum