Night of Santal
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Night of Santal

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Inspired by Christian Dior Santal Noir.

While Christian Dior is a leader in producing and releasing some of the finest fragrances on the market, it quickly changes its tune when it comes time to release new ones and axe older offerings. Santal Noir is a favorite for so many people, and it’s one of the masterpieces that is becoming increasingly harder to find. This sandalwood based offering also contains notes of rose and ambrette seeds. The musky and pear-like aroma will have you intrigued as you enjoy the creamy sweetness of natural sandalwood for many hours. The rose contributes an element of sensuality making this fragrance an ideal contender for a variety of seasons and occasions! Night Of Santal is our inspired expression of this Christian Dior fragrance from 2018, and it is a warm and romantic fragrance that will perform excellently on your skin! The longevity of this fragrance will surpass your expectations as you continue to get whiffs of it even 12 hours after applying it! For an unforgettable romantic, charming, and sensual sensation, Night Of Santal is the perfume for you!


NOTES: Sandalwood, Rose, and Ambrette Seeds.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum