Passion Fruit Brandy
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Passion Fruit Brandy

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A Dua Fragrances Original Blend!

Passion Fruit is among the most exotic fruits one can consume. It is sweet, but it can be tart at times as well. Comparing it to any other fruit is quite challenging due to its unique aroma and flavor. While this note is often an accent in some perfumes, we have decided to make it the star of the show in our latest original blend! Passion Fruit Brandy contains passion fruit in many forms. It has passion fruit purée, ripe passion fruits, passion fruit jam, and passion fruit liquor. The boozy personality becomes apparent very soon in the fragrance’s evolution, and base ingredients of labdanum and vanilla make the fragrance that much more addictive. A note of brandy also occupies the base to combine with the passion fruit liquor for the ultimate boozy sensation that is sure to intoxicate you and everyone privileged enough to catch a whiff. Passion Fruit Brandy is a remarkable original creation with the finest passion fruit ingredients the perfume industry has to offer!


NOTES: Passion Fruit Purée, Ripe Passion Fruits, Passion Fruit Jam, Passion Fruit Liquor, Cedar Wood, Amber, Brandy, Labdanum, Vanilla, and Ambroxan.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum