Poetic Rendition
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Poetic Rendition

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Inspired by Masque Milano Romanza.

In 2015, Masque Milano released one of their best perfumes: Romanza. This enchanting perfume contains exotic floral ingredients like narcissus and hyacinth. In addition to these uncommon floral notes, natural jasmine and violet are invited to the floral banquet to partake in the olfactory festivity. The floral headpiece of this fragrance enshrouds oriental notes like amber and myrrh that beautifully contrast the brightness of the former half of the life of this amazing perfume. Our inspired expression of Romanza is called Poetic Rendition, and we were able to recite the scented poetry verbatim. While some ingredients were harder to source than others, patience and optimism prevailed in the end. Poetic Rendition will have you mesmerized after each stanza and addicted to its rhyme and meter. A couplet of cedar and vetiver provide the last two lines of this olfactory sonnet, and it creates a finish that is resolute and unforgettable. Whether you’re left-brained and analytical or right-brained and poetic, we are certain that you will love Poetic Rendition and return for a second reading!


NOTES: Narcissus, Hyacinth, Anise, Jasmine Sambac, Violet Leaf, Myrrh, Haitian Vetiver, Cedar Wood from Texas, and Amber Accord.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum