Reward for the Don
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Reward for the Don

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Inspired by Xerjoff Don

Xerjoff is a niche brand capable of delivering quality fragrances notwithstanding the classification under which each fragrance would fall. From fresh fragrances like Nio to gourmand masterpieces like Symphonium, Xerjoff is a master at their craft. For today’s inspired expression, we take a look at a masterpiece released in 2013, and it’s called Don! This fragrance was originally released under the “Join The Club” collection, and it stands until today as one of the best tobacco fragrances on the market. The richness of the tobacco is undeniable, and the spicy goodness of the whiskey is unforgettable. The gunpowder accord conveys its strength and dark demeanor as a touch of spun sugar in the base fuses and holds all of the dark elements together to bring you a complete blend of notes that is striking and unstoppable. The bounteous nature of this perfume can be enjoyed by everyone no matter the occasion. The dark and spicy heart of the composition makes it perfect for the times when you wish to convey your best and smell your finest! The don says that this fragrance isn’t just retribution; it’s a reward!


NOTES: Tobacco, Whiskey, Gunpowder, and Spun Sugar.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum