Rosa's Sincerity
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Rosa's Sincerity

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A Dua Fragrances Original Blend.

Rose is one of the most precious ingredients you could ever come across in the perfume industry, and its value is recognized by experts and professionals in the field. The amount of petals required to produce a single ounce is shocking to say the least, and thus, whenever we use rose in a perfume, we make sure it’s with caution and reverence. Rosa’s Sincerity is a Dua Fragrances original blend, and it uses a very expensive Persian rose oil ingredient in addition to yellow water lily and jasmine tincture made with red rose water. The result is the infusion of intoxicating rose aroma in several of the fragrance’s ingredients. In addition to these highly expensive ingredients, cedar wood, ylang-ylang, vanilla, labdanum, and citrus notes also make an appearance to round off the composition to excellence! We know that you will be addicted after the first sniff, and this fragrance really puts our affinity for rose into perspective. If you are a fan of rose, owning this fragrance is a must as we are sure you will soon discover that it’s likely to become your next favorite and the best expression of this note in your collection. We are not ones to toot our own horn, but after the hundreds of fragrances we have created, we know a good fragrance when we smell it! Make sure to secure your bottle of Rosa’s Sincerity today!


NOTES: Amalfi Lemon, Bergamot, White Rose Tea, Persian Rose Oil, Imaginary Green Rose Accord, Vanilla, Jasmine Tincture Made in Red Rose Water, Labdanum, Sandalwood, Yellow Water Lily Diluted in Red Rose Water, Musk, Orange Blossom, Cedar Wood, Raindrops Accord, and Ylang- Ylang.

GENDER: Unisex/Feminine

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum