Safari Nights
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Safari Nights

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Inspired by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Safari Extreme.

Based out of Saudi Arabia, the brand Abdul Samad Al Qurashi has been in the industry of incense and oud fragrances for more than a century! To date, they have released more than 100 jaw-dropping compositions, and thus, the brand is a pillar in the niche perfume world. Its influence is undeniable, and after receiving tons of requests to create our version of Safari Extreme, we have finally landed on a finalized formula that we are comfortable sharing with the Dua family! The charm of the original is its medley of floral notes, sensual vanilla, and natural sandalwood, and we made sure to enrich our inspired expression with all of those ingredients as well as a blend of natural oud, which you will also find in the original! Our inspired expression is called Safari Nights, and you will find yourself transported to an expedition where you are admiring animals and natural landscapes while smelling of nature. Spicy notes add an exotic texture to the fragrance, and woodsy ingredients place you in the middle of the jungle where the sights of nature are breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Safari Nights is for the daredevil and explorer in you. The engine is roaring, so hop on! Your journey awaits you!


NOTES: Agarwood, Floral Notes, Vanilla, Sandalwood from Mysore, Spicy Notes, and Woodsy Notes.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum