Self Image of Him
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Self Image of Him

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Inspired by Amouage Portrayal Man.

The confident and sophisticated gentleman is not worried about his self-image. He exudes class and refinement without even trying, and he is admired by many. People often look up to him, and it is no surprise that he uplifts others instead of ignoring them or casting them aside. Self Image of Him is the ideal gentleman’s fragrance, and it also happens to be our inspired expression of Portrayal Man by Amouage. The original is versatile and long lasting, so we made sure that our inspiration possesses the same attributes. Classy violet captures our attention in the opening, and smoky cade oil adds a mysterious quality in the base. Vetiver alludes to some of the classiest fragrances of all time, and the combination of these three ingredients is a showstopper. Whether you’re looking for the ideal suit-and- tie fragrance, or you just want to bring out the best version of yourself, a little consultation in the self-image department is always helpful! Self Image of Him is the best of the best in the sophistication department, and we can’t wait for you to experience the richness of the aroma for yourself!


NOTES: Violet, Vetiver, and Cade Oil.

GENDER: Masculine

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum