The Ruler of His Empire
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The Ruler of His Empire

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Inspired Givenchy Pour Homme (2002 Formulation).

The designer brand of Givenchy needs no introduction. With offerings like Pi and Gentleman, the brand has crafted some iconic, signature scents for many men and women throughout the decades. However, there is one designer release dating back to 2002 that stopped many of us dead in our tracks. This confident, masculine perfume is called Givenchy Pour Homme, and it was a hit like no other. The intermingling of grapefruit rind and Mandarin orange tartness was the citrus cocktail necessary to create an unforgettable brightness. The spiciness of coriander melds with the smoothness of violet before the masculine component of vetiver comes in to transform this composition into a one-of-a-kind release. The Ruler of His Empire is our inspired expression of this incredible release by Givenchy, and we ensured that the formula was a one-to-one match before we released it! You will fall in love with the citrus brightness and the comforting woods as you enjoy wearing this one despite the season and occasion. This versatile perfume is a magical release guaranteed to take you down memory lane! Don’t miss your chance to own this one while supplies last!


NOTES: Mandarin Orange, Grapefruit, Coriander, Violet, Vetiver, Lavender, Cedar Wood, and Labdanum,

GENDER: Masculine

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum