Unicorn Milkshake
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Unicorn Milkshake

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Dua Fragrances Original Creation! 

A gourmand fragrance of mythical proportions. A medley of aromas that is altogether sweet, sugary, creamy, and musky. The kaleidoscopic hue of flavors will enchant you and those in your vicinity. This rare blend is as magical as it is addictive. We are, of course, talking about Unicorn Milkshake, and this original creation combines some of our favorite gourmand ingredients to create an epic milkshake aroma that will leave you salivating! The whipped cream in the opening is the ultimate level of gourmand delight to whet our appetites. Sugar is found in generous amounts to keep us smelling sweet and irresistible for hours. Vanilla Ice Cream keeps the deliciousness alive so that every layer of notes in this fragrance is as sweet as the last. Cotton candy finds its way into the mix for a confectionary finish that is sure to satisfy even the biggest gourmand connoisseur. Unicorn Milkshake is a gourmand fragrance brought to a whole new level. It will be hard to say no once you get a chance to try this fragrance for the first time. The deliciousness will overwhelm you in the best possible way. Don't miss your opportunity to secure a bottle of this rare fragrance while supplies last. To say that it will be a unicorn in your collection is an understatement! 


NOTES: Whipped Cream, Sugar, Vanilla, Marshmallow Cream, Frosted Milk, Cotton Candy, Vanilla Ice Cream, & White Musk 

 GENDER: Unisex