West End District
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West End District

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Inspired by Creed Royal Mayfair (2015 Vintage Formulation).

Creed is a perfume brand that soars above others in the industry. From Aventus to Green Irish Tweed, the brand has released one iconic hit after another. Royal Mayfair was released in 2015, and it is an unforgettable blend of pine, rose, and eucalyptus. The floral tendencies in the heart pave an exciting path for the eucalyptus in the base to open up the composition into brighter territory. Accents of cedar and gin create a dynamic that oscillates between sparkling and dense. The marriage of all the ingredients creates the illustrious dedication to the upscale district in London. West End District is our inspired expression of Royal Mayfair and the natural ingredients of the original have been preserved to recreate all of the magic of the original. To boot, the original goes for $375 for just a 50ml, and the 100ml is significantly more expensive. Luckily, our inspirations are hundreds of dollars cheaper, and you will get the same great quality as the original since our chemists won't stop working until perfection has been reached. West End District by Dua brings the fashion and luxury to your doorstep, and in typical Dua fashion, we made sure to recreate the original batch from 2015! Whether or not you are familiar with London, this fragrance will transport you with a single spray!


NOTES: Pine Tree, Gin, Lime, Rose, Orange, Eucalyptus, and Cedar Wood.

GENDER: Unisex

CONCENTRATION: Extrait de Parfum